Short dictionary of machine learning

The elements of big data analytics has roots in statistics, knowledge management, and computer science. Many of the data mining terms below appear in these disciplines but may have different connotation or specialized meaning when applied to our problems. The problems of massive parallel processing and the specialized algorithms employed to perform analysis in a… Continue reading Short dictionary of machine learning

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Free machine learning datasets

Below are many downloadable free machine learning datasets. They cover click data, air traffic control data, surveys, temporal datasets of various types, crime data, employee pay data, map data, law data, and many other types. I am a huge fan of SSPS, scikit-learn, opennlp, and other mainstream libraries but for quick analysis and visualization don’t… Continue reading Free machine learning datasets

Approachable Data Mining Tutorials for the Non Data Miner

A list of several sources to learn data science in a hands-on format – The most approachable machine learning course available. And it’s free. – Provides data sources, forums, scenarios, and real-world competitions to teach data mining – Tutorial on Deep Learning – introduction to machine learning image analysis algorithms – Interactive introduction to… Continue reading Approachable Data Mining Tutorials for the Non Data Miner