Simple runbook template

We use a runbook template to document what processes occur automatically or on demand. Typically these events are either date-triggered or event-triggered. An example of a date-triggered process might be a scheduled email sent nightly at midnight. An example of an event-triggered process might be to send an email when any disk on a server is 90% full.

Configuration Management

Use this template as a starting point for building your own. It should be a key element of your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) used to document and operate your enterprise.


There are three tabs. The first is to list all your automated processes–those that occur without assistance. The second is operational process, which captures tasks your team may perform either on demand or based on some event. The last is a lookup tab for dropdown values in the other tabs. You can ignore this.

The tabs are pretty self-explanatory. Fill in each task that your group performs, how often, how long it normally takes, and any accompanying notes. Feel free to add more columns to capture other configuration items such as who to contact in case of failure, email distribution groups who support the process, organization the process supports, etc.