Double your effective IO on AWS EBS-backed volumes

NOTE: This content is for archive purposes only.  With generation 4+ EBS volumes big data IO performance no longer requires volume prewarming. Fresh Elastic Block Storage volumes have first-write overhead At my employer I architect Big Data hybrid cloud platforms for global audience that have to be FAST.  In our cluster provisioning I find we frequently… Continue reading Double your effective IO on AWS EBS-backed volumes

Big Data Virtualization

Jboss enterprise has a free data virtualization (NOT server virtualization) platform called Teiid.  Capabilities of this include service of data from multiple technologies (jdbc, odbc, Thrift, REST, SOAP, etc.), merging/transformation of data, fault tolerance, scalability, and other capabilities one would require of an enterprise service.  This can stand in the technology portfolio as part of… Continue reading Big Data Virtualization